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What are the essential things?


So you have an idea for a venture, this can be a daunting time… get in touch for an objective review.


You will need to understand what format your business will need to form, and how to get your setup.


It’s a big change to become self-employed and bigger still to become an employer.

Businesses have legal obligations that need to be maintained.


You will have a need to build a strong reliable supplier and customer base, so make the most of networking opportunities.

Tuesdays WP Question…

Share five things you’re good at.

1. Problem Solving

2. Data Analysis and Reporting

3. Team Building and Motivation

4. Working with and understanding technology

5. Engineering

Thank you for the question WordPress..!

What about the STEEPLE?

Business Tools

STEEPLE Analysis is an amazing tool, it helps us take our eyes away from looking inwards on the business when focussing on profit and productivity elements of the business, and gives us some structure regarding external factors acting on the business. Coupled with a SWOT analysis this becomes a strategic decision engine.

If you already use this tool please comment below, we can explore more in the coming weeks.