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We are here to help you study your pain points and turn them into improvement opportunities.

Poor Quality?

Get to the root cause of your problems with detailed studies, data analysis and best practice problem-solving.

Stop playing a game of chance with the same old issues.

Delivering Late?

Understand the heart of the matters making you miss vital deadlines, a complete end-to-end review and critical report out.

Find those broken processes and systems.

Using the right tools for the right jobs, we can help you get to the root cause of problems and develop strategies and projects to create the business you envisaged!

Weak Or No Profit?

Let’s dive into your income and spending patterns, and understand the market’s nature and influence. You may need to make cost savings in material or labour efficiency.

Bespoke studies to meet your needs exploring tech options and process improvements.

Growing Pains?

Moving from a small to a medium sized business at a pace can be complicated and messy.

We can help with getting organised and making a plan to grow in a stable manner and keep what is working but scaled up.

Business Hub Calder Valley

Your local Business and Management Consultant

Our mission is to help create a stable economy by nurturing sustainable businesses and supporting start-ups from vision to sustainable profit and beyond.

Philip Blundell

Founder, BA (Hons) Bus Mgt

Phil holds an Honours Degree in Business and Management with more than 25 years of Operations experience in a wide variety of industries, gained in businesses ranging from small family firms to multinational organisations.

Phil has also been awarded an HNC in Engineering which was earned as an apprentice engineer, having worked on the design and production of hi-tech products with experience in high-volume manufacturing with respected brands and international business relationships.

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